Eric Lefkosfsky’s Efforts to Fight the Spread of Coronavirus

Tempus, a firm that leads in artificial intelligence, made the public know about the production and supply of coronavirus test kits for use from home. As a result, medical practitioners can now purchase the Tempus produced Home Collection coronavirus test kit for their patients. Led by Eric Lefkofsky and after placing the necessary orders, the patients can have them delivered to their homes and use them for testing COVID-19. The American Food and Drug Administration authorized Tempus to launch the sample collection and test kits for supply to their customers. 


The test kit comes with the instructions that patients should follow while using it. In addition, all CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited laboratories can get free overnight shipping after they order the kits. After collecting the samples, Eric Lefkofsky explains, results are available at the labs within one or two days. Previously, Tempus introduced the PCR COVID-19 test kits to offer more options to patients across the United States. 


The company also introduced test kits that help in detecting various COVID-19 mutations. The kit helps researchers to detect any possible variations and know how to counter them not to spread to more people. According to Eric Lefkofsky, Tempus’ founder and CEO, labs such as Tempus work hard to provide better testing capabilities to patients in America. Eric Lefkofsky said that the company had conducted tests on over two million individuals since it launched the initial COVID 19 test kit when the pandemic struck. Mr. Lefkosfsky also noted that the newly launched test would reach wider markets as they help the users learn more about the mutations that the virus may bring.

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