Tom Chang MD Discusses Why it is Necessary to Allow Eyes to Rest

Every other part of the body needs sufficient rest time so that it can easily handle other essential duties that an individual must handle as they continue to work their daily jobs every day. The only problem that most people do not understand is that it is every part of the body and organ that needs rest. This leads to a situation where some parts of the body are allowed to rest while others continue working (


As an ophthalmologist, Tom Chang MD notes that eyes constitute organs in the body that do not get sufficient rest time. People pay attention to their physical wellbeing, which explains why they have been paying much attention to the issue surrounding their muscles while at the same time ignoring the fact about eye health care that it is very important for them to make sure that their eyes are also getting the rest time they need. Tom Chang MD knows that trends show that most people will spend the entire day working without resting. Every part of the day will be worn-out and urging for rest. However, only the muscles will get to rest as people sit down in the evening. 


Tom Chang MD indicates that a huge number of people will be spending their evenings watching television while others will spend a significant number of hours gazing at their phones. Cumulatively, such individuals will start to experience eye strain, which has been brought about by a number of factors. Increased dry eyes are the primary source of eye strain, which is something that a huge number of people have been recording in their daily lives. Tom Chang MD is always encouraging his patients to make sure that they are getting sufficient rest periods at night. Sleeping helps their eyes to recover where necessary and they will be working the following day properly.