Vik Bansal's Progression

A businessman named Vik Bansal is a successful leader that has had the title as CEO for a major waste company called Cleanaway. Bansal has had many managerial roles in many continents around the world including the United States, Asia, and Australia. A steel and metal distribution company called Infrabuild is his most recent career path, and he is the general manager.

Bansal’s ideas and drive have been recognized recently, and major directors want him to become more in the company Infrabuild. A businessman named Dak Patel has led the company, Infrabuild for some time, but the Executive Chairman of Infrabuild wants to appoint Bansal into a position similar to Dak Patel’s position.

The Executive Chairman and Dak Patel both believe that Vik Bansal is ready to lead the company due to his many years of experience and his help in the success of the business’s progression financially and idealistically. Bansal confidently believes that he can help further the company’s success, and he feels that Patel has laid a great pathway and foundation for him to continue and build upon. Vik Bansal will soon become apart of the company’s board and will become the official CEO of Infrabuild.

Vik Bansal’s background, that led him to have abundant success in management, started from his education in business. Bansal attended college in 1993 and graduated at Deakin University in 1996. He learned leadership skills at Insead, where he learned organizational design, leadership and stragety.

Bansal also got his Masters Degree in Laws in Enterprise Governance from Bond University. His employment at Cleanaway Waste Management also paved the way for his new position he is about to earn in July, 2021. He was a CEO for Cleanaway for 6 years, and now he will become CEO again for his current career at Infrabuild. For details: